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Capacity and Wait List

The Wellington Student Care Program can accommodate 170 children per day, approximately thirty-five children per grade per day. Because of the capacity limit, there is currently a wait list for students in some grades.


Any family that requests, but is not given, a spot is automatically added to the wait list. This includes any family that did not get into the program via the Kindergarten Lottery. The family remains on the wait list until the program can accommodate their schedule.


Each grade has its own sequential wait list. When a space becomes available (e.g., because a current family withdraws or changes their schedule), the first family on the wait list is offered the spot. The spot is offered to the first family even if every day they requested is not available. If a family is offered a space and does not accept it, they are placed at the end of the wait list. The next family on the wait list is then offered the spot.

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